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Impact and Data to Growth (Notes from April 8 – 14, 2019) May 1, 2019

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I started watching Street Food on Netflix and in the Osaka episode, the chef makes a great claim that can work for today’s notes: “If you want to create your own current, you cannot live your life by going with the flow.” Granted, you can use the current as a guide, but to truly create something unique, you have to hop out of the path and try your own luck. Today, I was listening to an episode even with Keith Rabois on Invest Like the Best, and he’s a proponent of not making 10% decisions, but rather investing into 10x ones – the riskiest that can pay off are the ones that will be truly incremental. The 10% experiments may improve a bit, but won’t exponentially get you scaling.

I had a great mix of NLP / Machine Learning podcasts, social/responsible corporations like United by Blue and Everytable, to go with sales thought processes, data ethics, and finance starts on a global scale. Each person / founder / company tackling unique challenges based on their individual experience that got them to that point. How can you approach the problem? And more importantly, what’s the right way that your expertise leads you to a solution for this problem?

For some, it was how to release the stigma in the cannabis industry to expose people to the health benefits as we’re legalizing in more states? United by Blue’s founder wanted a truly sustainable business model that supported his beliefs in giving back. An expert data scientist by the name of Debbie continues to improve women relations in tech and data-related fields by 1) supporting others graciously and 2) providing, particularly Latin American women, the opportunity to see how her passion for learning sparked her adventurous career.

Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment or follow along!

  • Su Wang, Elisa Ferracane in Authorship Attribution, UT (Data Skeptic, 1/25/19)
    Link to ACLWeb for paper

    • Discourse units in addition to others
      • Rhetoric structure theory (RST) – 2 elementary clauses (as Elementary Discourse Units – EDU)
      • Relation is related by an ‘elaboration’ where the 2nd sentence elaborates on the previous sentence
      • Rows are sentence pairs and the cells show the relations between the 2 (1st, 2nd; 2nd, 3rd, etc…)
    • Plagiarism detection, authorship attribution as semantic inference (both authors as computational linguistic PhD)
    • Can be unsupervised (classification of text to an author style) or supervised (accuracy or how closely it matches an author – assign key)
    • For the paper, they looked at 9 texts via Project Gutenberg and did a CNN – high-level baseline
      • Had 2 months to get it to the next level, optimization – said that LSTM performed the best but too slow for translations or 1000s of words
      • CNN can be as good as LSTM or better depending on architecture
      • Tried grammatical matrix, columns are entity, rows as sentences – subject, object, other
    • Used dataset of 19 books and 9 authors as extension of prior state-of-the-art paper
      • IMDB as another dataset – short texts with many authors (tried to do with Twitter but can’t get structure/sentence)
      • Initial data set was ~15% more accurate (99.8%)
      • 98.5% accurate for extended novel classification ~50 texts – SVM did well also of about 84-85% (more data may allow them to be more acc)
    • Looking at the different types of features – RST was more sophisticated in that the models did better in all experiments
      • Could embed or use the one factor as a distribution over other set of features
    • For IMDB dataset, discourse features nearly didn’t help – too short to establish structure
    • Human as the ‘gold standard’ but certainly not perfect. Authorship probably different task, though.
      • Would require expertise on the authors’ part. Machine can pick up on far more patterns.
    • Next for him – semantic narratives and story salads (grant via DARPA?)
      • Coherent narratives, shuffle the sentences and reconstruct the story.
  • Sylvia Wehrle, founder CEO of June CBD Apothecary (Wharton XM)

    • Talking about the difference between CBD, THC and other strands
    • Humans as growing up with various forms of hemp oil – additive and purposeful for our evolution
    • Using the appropriate properties to go through benefits – getting the common questions out of the way
  • Donald Robertson (@donjrobertson), author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius (Wharton XM)
    • Book discussing difference between stoic and Stoic, cynic and Cynic, etc…
    • Calm and indifference is different than how it may have been perceived
  • Sam Polk (@sampolk), author and CEO of EveryTable (Wharton XM)

    • Sustainability at Feast (prior company)
    • Using Feast as test-tasters for EveryTable menu / offerings
    • EveryTable as sustainable, healthy food for people in an affordable way
      • Restaurants with partnerships of cities/areas that match the pricing (Santa Monica different than Watt or Compton)
      • Can order on app and go pick up meal for < $8 – able to do this with scale – try to ensure this early
    • Rolling out BlueApron-style weekly meals at the same price as in store
    • Corporate offerings where they have EveryTable coolers / fridges that take a credit card / payment and can pull out your order
  • Brian Linton, United by Blue founder CEO (Wharton XM)

    • Originally moved from Singapore / Asia, went to college in Michigan – boredom satisfaction with sales
      • Started with ‘guady’ jewelry that was travel-related (tourist-style jades, emeralds, etc…) that he would source from home
      • Travel down to Florida / other areas and sell to region
    • Believed in doing good, so he would donate ~5% of all proceeds to ocean conservation – realized this wasn’t sustainable
      • Random donations of $1000s or %’s
    • Finally started United by Blue to develop the sustainable business model and what he believed in
  • Right Way to Get Your First 1000 Customers with Thales Teixeira (@thalesHBS), associate professor at HBS (HBR IdeaCast #676, 4/2/2019)
    • Startups failing because they try to emulate successful disruptive biz and scale instead of learning about initial customers
    • First customers are more than the money, word-of-mouth, R&D and free feedback
    • Etsy, Amazon, Netflix, Uber had no new technology (just finally had the map to see if there were cars coming)
      • Etsy went to craft fairs to recruit sellers, who then attracted more buyers
      • Pinterest tried to create a culture initially to set the tone for quality
      • AirBnb was awful initially in NY, so the founders wanted to find out – places were great but pictures were awful
        • Rented a nice camera and offered to take the pictures to improve the ones on the listings
    • What is the primary driver of value to the customers to deliver? How does technology play a role in this?
      • AirBnb had 1 engineer (founder) for a long time – increase the utilization of an expensive asset
        • Hid the options initially – didn’t have much inventory so they would email / find out and then get back to customers
        • Show availability – needed to stay in a house in the places
    • Technology is the enzyme / enabler of the start-up or experience and acquire the customers to purchase the product
      • People that like smaller companies, try new things, explore products and tell them
    • Unlocking the Customer Value Chain (Thales’ book)
  • Critical Thinking in D/S – Debbie Berebichez (@debbieberebichez) (DataFramed #58, 3/25/19)
    • Debbie is a physicist, TB host and CDS at Metis in NY (first Mexican woman to get a PhD in Physics from Stanford)
      • Promoting women in STEM, especially hispanic women
    • Metis is a data science teaching company as an arm of Kaplan in NY, San Francisco, Seattle
    • Did 2 postdocs around Columbia before going to Wall Street to work as a quant – but money wasn’t the only motivator, so she left
    • At Cambridge, she remembered speaking about Astronomy 101 as her first intro to physics class – was on 2 years of scholarship
      • She took a walk with her friend Rupesh and said that she was crying – “I just don’t want to die without trying physics.”
      • Passion drew attention and professors – offered her for a 2 year physics degree (skip first 2 if she could pass a test with complicated derivatives)
        • Had 2+ months to learn calculus, basics to mechanics and more – passed her test (9am to 9pm)
    • Mentioned going into high school to discuss data science – class was doing coding/SQL/data look on animals
      • Had 1 group that was looking over turtles – couldn’t answer the units for weight (triple digits) – not lbs, but grams
      • How this made sense – how to piece together reasoning / bias – how needed this skill was
      • Not bothering to check outliers or some data was exhibiting – why do we do it all?
      • Danish astronomer built and designed 1000 stars, which wasn’t much, but Newton and Kepler, Copernicus all derived theories from
    • Large datasets vs small datasets – insight more important vs size (big data as sometimes unnecessary)
    • Feynman quote about fooling ourselves – bias that we create.
    • History of Statistics – Stiegler, normal distribution and derivation of central limit theorem by Gauss and Laplace (1809 with Jupiter’s motion around sun)
    • With her bootcamp – she wants to attack the question of using the right algorithm and how to analyze the problems at hand
      • How to choose a data project in what you’re interested in – madewithmetis on Metis site
    •  Singular value decomposition (SVD) and reducing dimensionality, worked with Genentech founder – healthy DNA vs patient’s DNA and cancer
      • Reducing dimensions to the ones that were most relevant – NLP also
    • Think deeply, be bold, help others – Grace Hopper celebration talk
  • Dean Oliver (@deano_lytics), Data Analytics (Wharton Moneyball)

    • Talking about how far behind NFL is behind NBA in tracking
    • There are people doing video for football, but not much – not widespread
      • Position groups will gain entirely different/new insights into how they’re playing
  • Cordasco Financial Network Planning + Sri Thiruvadanthal (Behind the Markets, Jeremy Schwarz)
    • Discussion of hedging dollar vs not – if hedging, probably wise to diversify with global
      • If not hedging, then europe may not be as great
    • Current markets say that liquidity isn’t as high with central banks, stocks start to couple and lose diversification / value
      • Decoupling early on in cycles
    • Relative value may be fine but not absolute for the dollar compared to other currencies
  • Jeppe Zink, GP at Northzone (20min VC 087)

    • Invested in Spotify, Bloglovin, TrustPilot with focus on SaaS, fintech, mobile
    • Worked at Deutsche Bank as analyst in corporate finance, tech banker – left with 90% of team
      • Convince bank by buying principal investments before IPO in late 1990s – worked out
    • European cycles of tech – 100mln to 3bn people online, digital increase and telecom infrastructure
      • First VC firms in existence were doing integrated buyout model, which failed initially – too transaction focus
      • VCs have the talent that’s aligned with the founders now – 90% of VC firms that existed in 2000 had died in 2002
    • 10 year cycles where the great companies withstand, others don’t
    • Stage agnostic for them, series A to D rounds
      • Nordic companies of unicorns for what he has had success with
      • Europe as dropping trade barriers initially and in the 90s, broadband and smart phone starts (Nokia, Ericsson)
    • Has offices in the north for Northzone but he makes it up every other week or so
    • Try to emulate the start-up and have hunger/ambition always
      • Not trying to stagnate – venture capital vs patient (he thinks impatient is better – learn through failure and testing)
      • How fast can you learn to level up and deliver the best product? Continuous measurements, KPIs.
      • For Jeppe – momentum in product development
    • Most intrigued by fintech investing – Peter Thiel as one of his favorites
      • Most recent company was CrossLend – consumer lending with European bank lending
      • Book: Startup Growth Engines as collection of random founders and interviews

Notes from Hirschhorn & Cuban March 27, 2017

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Listening to the Jason Hirschhorn interview with Mark Cuban  from the end of February (just pre-$SNAP IPO) —

Many great resources in all the current tech-hubs: SF & Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Austin, and expanding those. Cuban makes a good point that people and ideas are easily created now in almost every area. There are places in the country that have MORE resources — events, companies, VC’s, funds, but building can be done everywhere (Cuban mentioned when he visits IU, he can stay in contact with them).

With less and less companies going public (mentioned ~9000 publicly listed in 2008, but < 4000 now), people are either scared of going public, or are getting their payouts directly from bigger companies (Cisco, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc…).

Digital ad revenue for FB and Google – 85%+ market share. NFLX and AMZN are 2 biggest shares – hasn’t sold yet. Content providers – Disney, Netflix, and Amazon…. not many others. CONTENT is very difficult (Cuban mentioned Enron doc and winning awards, along with Good Night and Good Luck — hasn’t done any successful since). Content is the most difficult to maintain – very difficult to get past that giant hurdle, and these companies have the money to get above it.

Eventually got into a political discussion – using news / reactions / tweets to respond. HOW do we respond? Communicate and be patient – tough to change minds or reason – noted 52% of eligible voters didn’t vote. Trolls and dealing with internet comments – control public/private responses on twitter? Twitter must be hard-coded otherwise. Cuban mentioned an app that he’s going with – soon, machine-learning or machines will deal with the curation of information and conversation in digital platforms.

Talking about video – 7 year old son wanting to play flag football / baseball and how different it is now. Esports / watching vs watching tv (sports). His son didn’t want to watch sports / baseball / football, but wanted to play. There’s no indoctrination or religion for it anymore as we grew up on (and Cuban’s era earlier). Gaming as a big advantage in expanding NBA reach – NBA 2k and professional aspect of them since players have a deeper involvement / knowledge of the league with gaming.

The overall theme for today (not just this interview) – how can we get more young people interested in building out great ideas? The future of technology is rapidly accelerating but ideas will still be needed from the smartest people. Education seems to nerf expansive ideas – boxes people in that may be more capable, restricting opportunities. In my opinion, this is a huge flaw in the system overall.

Simul-Diary of NBA Finals Game 7 June 21, 2013

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NBA Finals 2013 Game 7
Let’s pick up where I finished my sandwich: 3:30 left in the 1st quarter. 15-10 San Antonio. The ESPN Insider ‘cappers were leaning under. I definitely agreed. Last 3 Game 7’s were all no higher than 170 points or so. This is on pace for that.

3:00 left – looks like refs are letting them play ever since they ticky-tacked Ginobli out earlier with his second. Lot of banging going down low. 

2:12 – Surprised Duncan can’t take Birdman easier. I’m agreeing with JVG – defense is not the greatest. Offenses look notably tired. It’s amazing how hard slowing down LBJ is. Testament to how great he is and how good the Pop adjustments over the series have been.

1:27– Ginobli misses a stepback 3 right after Battier canned a 3. Then the Heat come down, Chalmers miss and Birdman cleans up a tip. 15-15. All Tied.

48.9 – Lebron throws up a knuckleball (gross). Diaw’s box out was just a grab, foul. Right after? Battier 3 to take the lead at 18-15. That’s [2011-2012 playoff] Battier off of none other than a Ray Allen drive. What year is this?

21.9 – Spurs answer to the first Heat lead? Leonard iso from the top of the key and draws a foul on Lebron on a great take to the hole.
Ouch. Promptly misses a free throw. Looks like those problems aren’t solved. Hits 2nd. 16-18 Heat.

12.2 – Just saw Coach Pop’s interview is coming up. That’ll be hilarious. What do the Heat get for their last possession – nasty (not good nasty) fadeaway jumper leaning out of bounds. That’s not what they wanted. 16-18 Heat end of quarter.

That LBJ commercial with the headphones – hoping that goes away after the finals but it definitely draws your attention.

Coach Pop got one question from Doris Burke. And he answered with “Bad offense”. Very thorough. Thanks, Pop.

2nd Quarter

11:26 – Solid grab by Splitter on Birdman. Doesn’t seem the refs appreciate the little things on the loose balls today. Response? Battier 3 (now 3-3) to make it 21-16.

10:48 – Splitter ugliness. He’s now -3 quickly.

10:30 – Scratch that, TP heard it and made it -1. Get Splitter out!

10:03 – Maybe I spoke too soon because the Spurs get a turnover by Chalmers that is converted for Spurs points by Splitter on a beautiful pass by TP. 20-21. Sheesh. (TS +1)

Just showed that Ray Allen has 11 Game 7’s in history. Bill Russell has 10 Game 7’s. All wins. It’s ridiculous how much of a winner he was. Nick, I’ve decided – Russell is my #1 Center. Sorry Kareem.

9:30 – Heat just got 3 boards off of maybe 5 tips? Results in a Chalmers reverse lay-up to stop the Spurs’ run. Then TP gets rejected by Wade on the weak side (while getting creamed, no call).

9:00 – On the inbounds, TP gets fouled cutting to the lane. Heat should probably review “keep sight of man and ball” because they suck at it. 22-23.

8:47 – Good shot by Wade from outside – knees looked decent there. 22-25.

8:40 – Pop sounded a bit like John Cusack in 2012 there. Kinda worried me. Not a good foreshadowing. TP and Dwade trade buckets before a ridiculous and-1 by Duncan. Duncan going to the line after drawing a third on Bosh. 26-27.

7:46 – Yeah, almost midway through the 2nd quarter and that was the first mention of Bosh. Can you tell how much I like him? 27-27.

7:22 – Keep trying to stress how good defense is in this game. Totally disagree. Tired legs and shitty offense. Duncan couldn’t handle the TP pass – little low but come on, it’s not like you’re almost 40!

6:40 – Timeout and TP and LBJ talking to the ref. Duncan comes over and grabs TP by the jersey. Drags him away. Awesome. Still 27-27. JVG mentions how it was 3 NBA Finals MVP’s right there in the mix and that made me think how hilarious/awesome it would be if Finals MVP’s were as random as Super Bowl ones.

6:30 – Ridiculous LBJ and-1 as he throws it up over his shoulder and gets the foul. On the other side, TP gets shoved – no call. BOOOO!

5:40 – James feeling it because he just took a total iso at top of the key 3. 27-33. At least Juwan Howard is cheering? I like the nod. Play the percentages. 29% from downtown in the Finals – keep shooting.

5:05 – Gary Neal prayer at the shot clock expiration for 3 off glass. 30-33. Then Chalmers for some reason goes into iso-mode and gets a shot to rattle in. TP to the bench for rest. So the Spurs go back to Duncan inside (who has 3 steals…).

3:30 – Not sure what just happened. Leonard gets hacked, blocked, misses, loses the ball to Birdman. Tipped on the way down twice before DWade just gets a jumper on the left wing. 32-37. Then Ginobli eurosteps through the defense for a gorgeous reverse. 34-37.

2:45 – Can’t let LBJ get a corner 3 from the right side. Saw his percentages the other day and he shoots way too well from there. 36-40. Foul on the hip of Danny Green low. 38-40. For everything the Heat do, the Spurs have an answer. And that was a shove off but they’ll take it if that means LBJ throws up a heat-check 3, which turns into a transition bucket for the Spurs. Tied. 40’s.

1:32 – I can practically hear Pop silently daring Lebron to shoot these threes. Tough to see that Ginobli moving with the eurostep to get a charge. Not to mention Wade shoved him… and then gets a beautiful fade lefty hook (pretty!)  from the free throw line. 42-42.
24.5 – Green puts up an ugly floater – he’s not TP. He’s 0-2 or 3, not sure. Wade critical so far at the half as he buries one with under a second half. 7-12 with 14 points. 15 points for LBJ. 13/10 for TD/TP but TP hasn’t been efficient. Not many foul calls. 44-46 Heat.

Skipped halftime show. Trying to finish, sorry ABC/TNT fellows.

Sheesh, 35% FG% for SA. 43% for Miami. 5-14 from downtown for Miami, 2-7 for the Spurs. +11 margin in free throws for the Spurs. Yup, those stats seemed a bit backward from the Spurs’ wins, but I’m sure that they will take it considering they are only down 2.

Like to point out that the Spurs have 24 points in the paint, 2 threes and 14 free throws. Yes, that’s all 44 of their points. Most efficient shots.

3rd Quarter

12:00 – Heat start with a miss and Leonard comes down and hits a nice right-handed jump hook on a drive/pivot in the lane. 46-46.

11:00 – Chalmers has a drive and deep floater to pull back ahead. 48-46.

10:45 – Leonard takes Miller in the post, steps back and shoots right over Miller for an and-1. Does he hit the free throw? NOPE. That is going to suck later. 48-48.

10:15 – Duncan can’t buy a foul on that drive. Ends up giving LBJ a wide open 3 on the other end after a miniscrum. Right corner. That’s his best one. 48-51.

9:27 – Hahaha, Chalmers just picks up a foul that likely could’ve been a charge on him. He quickly starts toward LBJ saying “Trust me, trust me”. Pretty sure LBJ wasn’t hearing it because he followed it up with a “Come on, man.” 1 of 2. 50-52.

8:48 – TERRIBLE PASS by Green on a break after an ugly Chalmers miss from downtown. Leads to a LBJ pass to Wade for the dunk. 54-52. Good follow up defense on the next possession by Bosh on Duncan. For 3 fouls, he’s doing well this quarter.

7:50 – And right as I say that, more good defense after a timeout but they come in to Duncan, fadeaway jumper that he drills. 54-54. Next play? Chalmers airball 3. Awesome gameplan. Not sure Spoelstra and Lebron drew that up for the second half. Highly doubt it.

7:05 – I don’t mind being on the record as saying I want to see T-Mac on the floor here instead of Danny Green. Can’t be any worse, right? Balky knee Wade versus back spasm T-Mac? Danny Green needs to hit a three before Pop has a fit. (Another miss right after).

5:55 – I thought a chicken wing/elbow was an offensive foul but no. Pretty drive by Wade otherwise. 54-56. Then BOOM Danny Green 3. Hallelujah. He walked to the line and pulled up. 57-56. Guess who shot the next one? Yup, Mario Chalmers. Guess what happened? Yup, a brick.

4:49 – Too much dribbling on the Spurs possession next by Parker. Yuck. Still stressing the bad offense thing.

4:30 – Shit, another Lebron 3. Really? 57-59.

3:45 – Smart foul on Neal after Parker doesn’t get a layup high enough off the glass resulting in a Heat transition. Foul Lebron on the floor before he passes back to RayRay. And then he hits again from downtown. 57-62.

3:24 – Kawhi just beasts through Ray Allen and Chris Bosh for a reverse layup and-1. Hits the free throw! 60-62.

3:12 – I just don’t understand why Lebron can shove a hand off of him without it being offensive and then take another step and get a foul on the shot. It’s either offensive or defensive and on the floor. Stupid.60-64 after two free throws.

2:55 – Yeah… Diaw 3 pointer to get within 1. Amazing. This must be ‘06? Then he fakes a 3 on the next possession and gets a high-low pass to Duncan for the make. Lead. 65-64.

And my buddy who just landed just blew the result of the game for me. That was fun while it lasted. But… let’s finish this up somewhat half-ass blind?

2:18 – Ginobli 3-6 with 10 points and no turnovers. Just driving all day. Still a quiet, important 10.

1:36 – Ray’s 0-4 this game. Ugliness and rushed. Then Lebron fades too much on the next play for a brick. 67-66 Spurs.

46.4 – Wow, Gary Neal got a huge jump and running hook shot to drop in to make it 69-66. Battier follow to tie it up at 69. Jeez. 4-4. I like Shane but not for the Heat in a Game 7… come on.

5.2 – Ginobli with a ridiculous angle to pull the lead 71-69. Followed by a pullup jumper at the buzzer by Chalmers from about 28 feet. It’s definitely turning into one of those games. 71-72 Heat end of 3.

4th Quarter

12:00 – Duncan and Parker start the 4th on the bench. Leonard gets another runner that didn’t go followed by a Battier three to go 5-5 and extend the lead to 71-75. This may get out of hand, you can feel it.

11:08 – “Let’s Go heat” chant rings out and it just doesn’t sound genuine. You can tell only ¼ of the fans are on their feet. Quite depressing. They don’t deserve a ring.

10:28 – Nobody blocks out Leonard and he gets the free tip-in. That was only his 2nd board of the 2nd half after 10 in the first. 73-75.

10:07 – Lebron seems flabbergasted after getting whistled for his 2nd foul. And the Heat fans are decent at the “Ref you suck” call. Nice.

9:42 – Great block by Duncan on Wade but James is there behind him for a follow foul. Hilarious to see a lane violation. Birdman falls into the lane after seeing Duncan go in. Yuck, Parker dribbles it right off his foot and has to jump it up with Wade. Balky knees vs Frenchman? Wade wins. 73-77.

8:51 – Battier finally misses a three. Turns into a transition bucket for Parker who lobs it up over 3 Heat as Duncan follows in for the two. Wow. 75-77.
JVG mentions Parker looks exhausted. Certainly. Parker is clearly exerting every last ounce of energy and it may not be enough.

7:34 – Danny Green sucks right now. If this causes the Heat to get a clear-path foul, I’ll be irritated. Wade was on the ground. Weak foul, too. No clear-path. Not deprived of an opportunity to score. Correct. Wade gets a jumper anyway. 75-81.

6:57 – I feel Pop saw Ginobli moving without the ball before he even knew what he was doing. That man’s amazing. Then he follows it up by drawing an offensive foul on Bosh and a beautifully quick layup on the left side to make it 77-81.

6:09 – Bosh still has 0 points. Love it.

5:38 – Jumpers, jumpers and more jumpers for the Heat. Midrange all day and they’re dropping for Wade and Lebron. Those are the exact shots you want them to take by the numbers. Issue is that those are averages. This is an above-average game. What can you do?

4:53 – After a terribly long three point shot by Bosh (still 0 points), Parker gets a transition pass to Duncan, who gets fouled. They’re hanging in… 79-83.

4:30 – Lebron with another midrange that goes in. Then Ginobli comes down and drills a 3. Quickly a steal on the inbounds but passes to Green. Guess what? Miss! No tie. 82-85 Heat.

3:21 – Battier 3 in the corner on a breakaway pass from Lebron after Duncan throws it away trying to find Manu. Holy shit. They come immediately down and get Chris Bosh to foul Duncan for number 5 for an and-1. 85-88 still down 3. 24 for Duncan. 6-7 for Battier. 18 points. Old men, Unite!

1:58 – Kawhi, Duncan, Manu vs Lebron, Wade, Battier. Oh, damn! Chalmers must’ve heard me because he tried to take the whole Spurs team on, again. (Lebron disappointed). By the way, before that, Kawhi hit a 3 to get within 2. And now Chalmers misses a free throw. Good one, Mario! 88-90 after the second misses, also!

1:26 – Sad face, Leonard, sad face. Short irons a three. That was like needing a 7-iron for a par 3 and instead you bust out a 9. And Battier damn near clinched this game.

48.3 – Duncan doesn’t take his time on an iso in the paint on Battier. ImageTotally rushed, expecting help. That was disappointing. Finger roll just rolls out. Damn. Timeout, Heat. And that was EMOTION by Duncan, ladies and gentleman. I have $100 on “FUCK!” yelled inside his jersey. Any takers? 88-90.

39.0 – Out of the timeout, we get a Lebron iso dribbling out the clock. Midrange. Drilled. Not sure Pop could live with that on a timeout. I bet he said “don’t let lebron do anything”. Leonard played that way shallow. 88-92, Heat.

23.5 – Ew, out of the timeout they get Duncan in the post and back to Manu. Heat switched it, expertly and Manu jumps out of bounds with nowhere to go. Tosses right to ‘Bron. Championship, guaranteed. I’m very sad for the Spurs. 88-94.

16.3 – Realization? When Lebron is hitting midrange shots, there isn’t a better player. I’d like to bring those numbers up. When he shoots > 45%, what is his record? When he shoots < 45%, what is it? That seems like a decent split considering those are the least efficient shots in basketball. Heat win. 95-88.

Russell and Heat
Popovich is a class act. And I also imagine him having way more fun in all-star games where he gets to coach everyone stress-free. I have a feeling he’s spent a lot of time with a bunch of the other players from other teams.

Lost in this until Dwayne talked to Doris – Ray Allen got another title. Congrats. And Dwayne, you’re screwed at 37. Your knees are shot.

Can we get Birdman flashbacks from previous years tonight? Please.

David Stern finishes with what he wants – a game 7 with his marquee player/team. He didn’t get his Lakers/Kobe/Lebron/Heat.

Of note:
Tony Parker finished with 0 points on 0-4 shooting in the second half. Either that hammy/ankle started acting up or he just didn’t have the legs. Exhaustion may’ve set in at halftime. Danny Green could’ve easily swung this game in his favor if he hit that 3 that would’ve tied it. Can’t really blame Manu for forcing the issue at the end. Timmy missed that gimme on Battier that would have tied it.

So many what ifs that can only be answered in neverland.

So this season ends just like that. Good thing we have the NBA Draft coming up shortly. Here’s to a great new season in the coming months!

Now, can we skip to late August for football/important part of baseball?



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